Five people from the same family were killed when gunmen invaded Umuebele-Okporo, a community in Orlu Local Government Area in Imo State, southeastern Nigeria.

The incident occurred on Thursday.

The council area has seen several attacks by armed men in recent times.

In the latest attack, the gunmen, suspected of being members of the Ebubeagu security operation, attacked five relatives who were in a meeting at their home in the community.

The sources said security operatives in Ebubeagu were targeting members of the Eastern Security Network, the militant wing of the outlaws. Biafran Indigenous People (IPOB).

A video clip that captured the murder is circulating in various WhatsApp groups.

In the clip, five people, all men, are shown in a pool of blood.

Both appeared dead, while two were in critical condition, with blood oozing from their bodies. One victim was sitting on the pavement in blood-stained clothing, shaking in pain.

An elderly woman seen crying in the video asked other supporters to go find motorcyclists to take the victims to hospital.

“We are not going to be able to enter motorcycles in this state,” said one of the victims, who was rolling on the ground.

Police spokesman in Imo state, Michael Abattam, confirmed the attack in a statement on Sunday.

He said that although the gunmen shot five people, only three people were killed while the remaining two were injured in the attack.

Abattam said the gunmen entered the area in a red Toyota Sienna with no registration number and drove away after shooting their victims.

“Preliminary investigation revealed that they (the victims) were having a meeting in front of their compound when all of a sudden some as-yet-unidentified armed men burst into the location, shot at them separately and walked away almost immediately,” he said.

“As a result, three people died at the scene, while two others suffered various degrees of gunshot wounds and were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment,” Abbatam added.

The spokesman said police were investigating the attack and also stepped up patrolling the area.

He said police were collaborating with other law enforcement agencies in the state to track down suspects and make sure they faced “the full weight of the law.”

worsening insecurity

Security in the southeast has worsened lately with frequent attacks by armed individuals.

Anambra and Imo states have witnessed some of the worst attacks in the region.

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The attacks, which often target security agencies, government officials and facilities, have been attributed to IPOB. But the group has repeatedly denied involvement in the attacks.

The separatist group is leading the agitation for the formation of an independent Biafra state from south-east and some parts of south-south Nigeria.

The leader of the secessionist group, Nnamdi Kanu, is detained in Abuja where he faces trial for terrorism.

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