the Kaduna State Universal Basic Education Board (KADSUBEB) says that it has fired 2,357 teachers who failed the recently conducted competency test.

Its spokesman, Hauwa Mohammed, in a statement on Sunday in Kaduna, said the board conducted a proficiency test for more than 30,000 teachers in December 2021.

It said that 2,192 primary school teachers, including the national president of the Nigerian Teachers’ Union (NUT), Audu Amba, had been sacked for refusing to sit the competency test.

He said some 165 of the 27,662 teachers who took the competency test were also fired for poor performance.

The Nigerian News Agency (NAN) recalls that the Kaduna government in 2018 fired 21,780 teachers who failed a competency test and replaced them with another 25,000 recruited through vigorous processes.

In December 2021, the board also fired 233 teachers for alleged possession of false certificates.

“After the resolution of the state government for the continuous evaluation of teachers to ensure better delivery of learning outcomes for students, KADSUBEB conducted another proficiency test for teachers in December 2021.

“The services of teachers who scored below 40 per cent are no longer required and their appointments have been terminated from the Public Service for poor performance.

“Teachers who scored 75 percent or higher were recognized as those who passed the exam and qualified to attend school leadership and management courses,” he said.

According to her, qualified teachers will be included in Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programs to improve their abilities to provide quality instruction to students.

Ms. Mohammed said that teachers who scored between 40 and 74 percent did not meet the minimum passing grade, adding that they would be given a second chance to improve their skills.

The board, he said, has started viable training programs for teachers under its statutory TPD with the support of state government and development partners.

“The training programs will take place during term breaks and at their respective schools, to minimize disruptions to teaching and learning.

“They are also encouraged to complement government efforts and seek personal development for their own good.

“The board assures teachers and the public that it remains committed to ensuring their continued professional development and the improvement of pupil and student learning outcomes,” he said.

In reaction, Ibrahim Dalhatu, the state president of the NUT, dismissed the competency test and dismissal of the affected teachers as “illegal”.

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Mr. Dalhatu said that the union had obtained a court order preventing the board from conducting the competency test, adding, however, that it conducted the test without resorting to the rule of law.

He recalled that the union had asked the teachers not to take the exam after learning that the intention was to fire them.

“We warned that any teacher taking part in the illegal exam would not be protected by the union if they were victimized, but some of the teachers were ahead of writing the exam out of fear.

“We are not against conducting the competency test if due process is followed, but it should not be used as a basis for firing teachers.

“The proficiency test should be used to determine the ability gap of teachers and specific training programs tailored to improve their capabilities,” he said.

When contacted, the NUT national president said he was aware of developments and added that the union’s National Executive Council would meet on Wednesday 22 June to present a position.


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