Zubby Michael is in the news, this time around, over his ‘level of respect’ to movie veterans

Just recently, a video made the rounds showing the actor greeting his senior colleagues, Aki and Pawpaw stars, Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze

In the video, Zubby bowed to greet the movie veterans and even collected the bag one of them was carrying

Popular Nigerian actor Zubby Michael recently had people commending him over how he greeted movie veterans Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze of the Aki and Pawpaw fame. In a video making the rounds online, Zubby was seen showing great respect to the movie veterans when they met somewhere.

The young actor started out by bowing to greet Osita Iheme and taking a walk with him before he spotted Chinedu Ikedieze at the back. He cut short his walk and proceeded to meet the other actor.

Zubby Michael bows to greet Aki and Pawpaw in viral video. Photos: @zubbymichael
Source: Instagram

Zubby then greeted the Aki and Pawpaw star by bowing very low while the actor responded by patting him on the back.

The film star also noticed that Ikedieze was carrying a big black bag, and he proceeded to collect it from him. See the heartwarming video link below:


Internet users react to Zubby Michael’s show of respect The video of what transpired between the actors soon went viral on social media. A number of Nigerians had a lot to say about it. Read some of their comments below:


“No wonder he succeed in everything❤️.”


“He is very respectful……forget gra gra.”


“Respect for cam , Wetin u expect am to do , make e knock their head ?”


“See me here smiling Zuby na inside movie he de show wayward man too real in reality ❤️.”


“HEIGHT of respect ke… them be age mate b4?”


“The song says it all when ya big ya big‍ them no be mate.”

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